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ACT Ambulette transportation specializes in providing ambullete services to people with medical problems who need assistance and spatially patients in wheel chairs.

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Our fleet is always circling the borough, transporting our valued customers to their daily appointments

ACT Ambulette Services all Of Brooklyn
Maryann Roe NY Citizen

I was totally impressed with their service. The ambulette was on time, the driver phoned ahead to let us know when he was coming.

Jenna Rando NY Citizen

They transported my dad very happy with there service will use them again.

ACT Ambulette

ACT Ambulette Transportation Services Brooklyn Since 1987. Providing Non-Emergency medical transportation to elderly & hadicapped for wheelchair medical transportation. Getting our clients to their daily doctors appointments safely, comfortably & in a timely fashion is our mission.

We cover all zip codes in brooklyn, if you’re looking for “ambulette near me” Call us now or schedule a call-back. It’s very likely that our vans already have daily routes in your area transporting neighbors like yourself.

Ambulette Service Brooklyn NY

List of our Ambulette Services in Brooklyn NY

2-4 men to assist over the stairs where there’s no wheelchair accessibility. If you live on the 2nd or 3rd floor without an elevator, our trained ACT Ambulette staff will assist up or down the steps.

ACT Ambulette is an affordable luxury private medical transportation company in Brooklyn. If you don’t have medicaid insurance, we accept payments via Credit Card for our affordable services. 

Ambulette non emergency transportation to appointments covered by Medicaid insurance. 

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Our ambulette fleet is equipped with state of art hydraulic lifts, dual climate control for the rear, and six-point harness belts to ensure safe transportation.

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