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ACT Ambulette transportation specializes in providing ambullete services to people with medical problems who need assistance and spatially patients in wheel chairs.

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Two Men Assist Over Stairs

No Elevator or wheelchair accessibility route? We can send 2 men to assist going up or down the stairs. Two Men Assist medical transportation is our specialty as we always strive to better fulfill the needs of our clients. We will gladly help you or your loved one go from and to places that are not wheelchair accessible. 

Our professional staff will be there to help with stairs. As always ACT Ambulette utilizes experienced staff & tools needed to ensure safety.  ACT Ambulette has the trained staff and the tools to assist you with the stairs and non emergency medical transportation.

“If you cant get up or down the stairs give us a call and we will send two men to assist you safely to and back from your destination. Whether your on the 2nd floor of the house or 3rd floor of the building, we can help you!

The Medicaid service has some fresh thoughts to assist the community through its special non-emergency transportation services. The assisting program unleashes the dual men service at your convenience.  The trained and professional technicians adhere to help the old and paralyzed people ethically and professionally at the time of need.

The program reveals the two men workforce’s strength by promptly providing the non-emergency service at your doorstep. Old age elements, broken leg scenarios, and cramped feet situations have the excellent service solution at the moment. The two men assist service covers all sorts of hospitality-related to disability and old age factors, and also offers the prime assistance in engaging the clinic programs or doctor’s appointments. 

Gratitude is the supreme choice of Medicaid service. The Medicaid service is spreading out the word of assistance, support, and guidance. We are 24/7 ready to help by providing the non-emergency transportation service along with a wheelchair and two men assisting commands at your doorstep.

ACT Ambulette 2 Men Assist Transportation Services & Features

TWo Men Assist Transportation | ACT Ambulette
  • We arrange and bestow wheelchair transportation for disabled people who struggle to climb the stairs. The Medicaid ambulette service also has chair-stairs for disabled persons who can easily sit in and be lifted after our two men service. The two men assist service can customize according to the patients’ weight, so the two men could be four when needed. 
  • The two men assist service is bound by further movement until the person is satisfied and comfortably seated. Once the patient feels comfortable, the two men’s assist team lifts the wheelchair with care and alert intentions. Our workforce always contains trained and skilled experts who prioritize your comfort and ease at priority.
  • The Medicaid ambulette service is full of positive energies to help people with its efficient work and non-emergency transportation services. We offer useful tools and useful devices for people attending their Medical programs.

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We guarantee you that our staff and company’s service will give the best transportation. Either you choose our service for yourself, your parents, or any family member; you will surely be pleased by our support system.

Service Recipient Says

ACT helped with my grandfather on numerous occasions getting to and from appointments. Thanks for the hospitality and prompt service.

Richard Kotin New York Citizen

The ambulette was on time, the driver phoned ahead to let us know when he was coming. He was so courteous and caring and let my 88 year father feel safe and comfortable. Thank you JR! I would not hesitate to use them again.

Maryann Roe New York Citizen

They transported my dad very happy with there service will use them again.

Jenna Rando New York Citizen

Act ambulette provided me with quality services. It got me to and from on time. The driver was very professional and helpful. Will use their services again.

Kate Grigorian NY Citizen