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ACT Ambulette transportation specializes in providing ambullete services to people with medical problems who need assistance and spatially patients in wheel chairs.

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Ambulance is for emergencies while ambulette is for non-emergency medical transportation for the elderly or wheelchair handicapped.


Yes, Medicaid will have to approve though, for those that are qualified for transportation assistance.


The process of getting a Non-emergency medical transportation services from ACT Ambulette

1) Call us now or schedule a callback

2) Schedule a pickup for transportation

3) Driver will call you 15 minutes prior to your pickup.

Contact us now for the most comfortable and reliable transportation.


Аmbulettes аre аn аррrоved mоde оf trаnsроrtаtiоn fоr сertаin Mediсаid benefiсiаries in New Yоrk. The use оf аn аmbulette саn оnly be requested under сertаin соnditiоns and financial situations.


Ambulette service is an individual, partnership, association, corporation, or other legal entity that transports invalid, disabled, or disabled persons to medical services.

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ACT Ambulette specializes in multilingual drivers to care for our patients, we speak English, Spanish and Russian.

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ACT Ambulette Service Reviews

Act ambulette provided me with quality services. It got me to and from on time. The driver was very professional and helpful. Will use their services again.

Kate Grigorian S.I Citizen

I was totally impressed with their service. The ambulette was on time, the driver phoned ahead to let us know when he was coming.

Maryann Roe NY Citizen

They transported my dad very happy with there service will use them again.

Jenna Rando NY Citizen