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ACT Ambulette transportation specializes in providing ambullete services to people with medical problems who need assistance and spatially patients in wheel chairs.

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Are you looking for a service that can take your patients or family members safely and carefully to the doctor? You can try using our Ambulette services for this job. We are the A.C.T. All County Transportation Ambulette Company, and we want to help people who need to get around.

Visits to the doctor: People who are older or have physical disabilities often don’t have family or friends who can help them, especially when they need to go to the doctor’s office. We have state-of-the-art vans with hydraulic lifts that make it easy for people in wheelchairs to get to clinics for doctor appointments.

Transportation to the clinic: Have you ever had to move a patient, family member, or friend to a different hospital for better care and facilities? It’s so hard to figure out how to get there without having to pay for another ambulance. They can’t take a private cab or taxi because they aren’t made for wheelchairs, and taking an ambulance isn’t an option because it’s only used in emergencies.

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We offer a lot more than just rides to and from the hospital and doctor’s offices. One of our strongest suits is our commitment to the passenger’s security and convenience.

The following patients are good candidates for our Wheelchair Handicapped Transportation Services:

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We guarantee you that our staff and company’s service will give the best transportation. Either you choose our service for yourself, your parents, or any family member; you will surely be pleased by our support system.

Service Recipient Says

The ambulette was on time, the driver phoned ahead to let us know when he was coming. He was so courteous and caring and let my 88 year father feel safe and comfortable. Thank you JR! I would not hesitate to use them again.

Maryann Roe New York Citizen

Act ambulette provided me with quality services. It got me to and from on time. The driver was very professional and helpful. Will use their services again.

Kate Grigorian NY Citizen

They transported my dad very happy with there service will use them again.

Jenna Rando New York Citizen

ACT helped with my grandfather on numerous occasions getting to and from appointments. Thanks for the hospitality and prompt service.

Richard Kotin New York Citizen