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ACT Ambulette transportation specializes in providing ambullete services to people with medical problems who need assistance and spatially patients in wheel chairs.

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Ambulette Service Brooklyn NY

ACT Ambulette Service in Brooklyn New York

Our fleet is always ready to transport our valued customers to their daily appointments. We provide wheelchair if needed or send two men to carry over stairs. Our Ambulette SErvice in Brooklyn New York is the best Transportation New York has to offer.


NEMT Ambulette Services in Brooklyn

ACT Ambulette service in Brooklyn provides transportation for any Non Emergency medical transportation requirements. You can schedule for any time of day in advance. All sizes of wheelchair-accessible cars are included in our fleet.

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Two Men Assist With Stairs in Brooklyn

If you use a wheelchair and need assistance going up or downstairs in Brooklyn, call Ambulette immediately!

With a weight restriction of 650 lbs, two or four staff members may safely transport you anywhere you need to go with the assistance of our experienced crew. Find out more

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Our fleet of private ambulette service vehicles is outfitted with hydraulic lifts, dual climate control for the rear, and six-point harness belts to ensure secure transfer.

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Transportation for Seniors in Brooklyn New York

Ambulette drivers in Brooklyn do not merely pick up and drop off your elderly loved ones. We assist over stairs your loved ones in getting ready, transporting them, and providing return after the appointment.

Depending on your requirements, we will provide Two Men assist over stairs, curbside or room-to-room service.

Transportation To or From the Hospitals in Brooklyn

Ambulette in Brooklyn, we provide regular or wheelchair accessible transportation to or from any hospital in Brooklyn.

We will provide regular or wheelchair accessible from the above list of Hospitals in Brooklyn. In addition, we can provide a wheelchair if you need one; our driver can wait until you are done with your appointment, or you can call when you’re ready to return.


Ambulette Service

Regular taxis are inaccessible to passengers in wheelchairs and cannot accommodate passengers with special needs. Using an unreliable and uncaring taxi service could cause you to be late for your next doctor’s appointment. ACT Ambulette service in Brooklyn offers prompt and pleasant transportation to hospitals, airports, and other locations throughout Brooklyn New York

Our fleet of luxury vans can accommodate wheelchairs and recliners, among other travel necessities. Our vehicles are equipped with Braun Hydraulic wheelchair lifts and can accommodate up to seven passengers, so you can travel with your family. Our vehicles are spotless and comfortable, and our chauffeurs have received extensive training. For your comfort and convenience, we equip our vehicles with extended high roofs, ramps, rear AC/heating units, and RICON wheelchair lifts. Our drivers receive extensive safety training, which includes CPR and defensive driving techniques, which are advantageous in an emergency.

Heres a list of counties ACT Ambulette services in Brooklyn NY

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Ambulette Services


Yes! You can book a round-trip with multiple stops throughout Brooklyn New York.
You may also schedule appointments for the entire month without concern.


Yes! We offer services for hospital discharges and medical appointments.
Round trip service is also available.


Yes! We accept all major credit card companies.
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Ambulance is for emergencies while ambulette is for non-emergency medical transportation for the elderly or wheelchair handicapped.


Yes, Medicaid will have to approve though, for those that are qualified for transportation assistance.


The process of getting a Non-emergency medical transportation services from ACT Ambulette

1) Call us now or schedule a callback

2) Schedule a pickup for transportation

3) Driver will call you 15 minutes prior to your pickup.

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Non-emergency medical ambulette services is a type of medical transport provided in non-emergency situations to individuals who do not require immediate medical care. As long as you do not require immediate medical attention from an EMT DOCTOR or NURSE, non-emergency transportation is a safe and comfortable way for the disabled to travel without having to transfer from their wheelchair, stretcher, oxygen tank, or other necessary equipment. 

Ambulette Services in Brooklyn




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